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I need my windshield replaced. What do I do?

Our responsive map should automatically focus on your location display listings for nearby businesses. You can also use our internal search to get more refined results using our categories. 

Why isn't the map on the homepage showing my area?

In order to for our integrated map to function optimally, our site must be given permission to access your location information. If using a computer, check the browser security settings to ensure location-sharing is enabled. If on mobile, ensure your GPS location service is activated. 

Do I need to register in order to search and view full listings?

No. Customers using the site to locate businesses in their area do not need to create an account.

How do I add my business?

We've made it simple to sign up quickly. You can register immediately with our website and begin entering your information with your own password-protected account in a matter of minutes.

If my business has multiple locations, do I need to buy a package for each one?

No. In fact, we offer bundled packages of premium listings at specially reduced rates with several options for payment. We can also tailor customized plans if none of our existing options can suit your needs. 

I've lost or forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Above the log-in tab, there is a link to reset your password. When you click it, you will be asked to submit the e-mail address you registered with. A password reset link will be generated and sent to that account.

I am having trouble logging into my account. What can I do?

If you are having difficulty accessing your e-mail or updating your password, please contact our site administrators via our contact page. Upon verifying your information, they can manually reset your password.

If you’d like to list your business on WindshieldReplacement.com, you can get started right away. We have several package options available on our Registration page, which features all our current package options. Custom plans can also be crafted with our management staff. Free subscribers wishing to upgrade should contact us directly to through our Contact page.